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Maafushi is a concealed pearl that relatively few know about. The absolute first guesthouse for vacationers was constructed distinctly in the year 2009, and from that point forward a few more have mushroomed across the island. In contrast to other popularized traveler objections, a stay at Maafushi is unwinding and reviving.

Swimming: Witness The Marine Life!

All guesthouses and 3 jumping organizations in Maafushi offer energizing excursions to stunning reefs that are loaded with delightful corals and are abounding with marine life. Probably the best swimming destinations are Maavelaathu, Banana Reef, Vilivaru Corner, and Maafushi Corner. You may likewise join up with a PADI affirmed swimming course in the event that you are a fledgling and might want to become familiar with a couple of speedy swimming tips. An accomplished guide will manage you through the reef and give you fascinating goodies pretty much all the eminent things you will see under the sea. Make certain to convey a veil, balances, and snorkel, from home on the off chance that you can, as the stuff is very overrated at the island.

Shoal Tours: Explore Around

No outing to the Maldives is finished without a shoal journey. Shoals are produced using snow-white sand that structures in a shallow territory of the ocean. The tones radiating from a shoal are really hypnotizing, with various shades of greens and blues mixing into one another making a show-stopper like no other. At the point when you pursue a shoal trip, you will be taken to a little shoal for an entire day! You will plunge into the tidal pond, and furthermore swim the external reef on the off chance that you wish to. These visits are semi-private visits, where you will appreciate the excellent sea without anyone else!


Night and Day Fishing: Catch Uniques Species Of Fishes

Most visitor houses in Maafushi put together fishing visits for their supporters during day time, yet in addition around evening time. In the event that the visitor house you are remaining at doesn’t offer this, essentially approach the closest jump place for an alluring bundle. The fish that you catch can be cooked in a café for a tiny charge. Or on the other hand, you could set up a grill yourself and relish your catch as you watch the sun go down against the scenery of the delightful blue waters.

Island Hopping: Explore The Nearby Islands

In the event that you are burnt out on swimming and extravagant a difference in landscape, head out to do some island jumping. There are various islands around Maafushi that you can investigate. Your visitor house will readily orchestrate private exchanges with a guide, upon demand. Various visit administrators likewise give island bouncing bundles at rather moderate rates. The most well-known island-jumping road trip is to the capital city Male. In any case, on the off chance that you wish to go through a tranquil day investigating away from the group, make certain to request that the visit administrator alter an outing to one of the numerous calmer neighborhood islands. A road trip will incorporate breakfast just as lunch with a possibility for you to move up to a comprehensive extravagance road trip.

You may likewise decide to remain for the time being in a water cabin at one of the numerous hotels on the island you visit.. A significant number of these visits likewise incorporate restrictive spa bundles. The exchanges forward and backward, the islands are for the most part done by boat!

Extravagance Resort Stay: Get Pampered

One of the most activities on Maafushi island is to book a stay in one of those extravagant resorts found right by the sea. Maafushi gives you a brilliant chance to appreciate a stay at one of these hotels where you can awaken to the enchanting perspectives on the sea and appreciate different extravagances in the retreat. This sort of spot is ideal for couples on a special first night or sentimental get-away.