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Bakkhali-The Perfect Weekend Gateway

BokKhali is a deserted beach in the deltaic zone of West Bengal, in the Sundarban area. It is well connected to Kolkata through railways and roadways. There are numerous trains from Sealdah station in Kolkata that takes you to Namkhana station, the nearest railway station from Bok Khali. The journey takes around three hours. One can also avail bus services from Dharmatala in Kolkata. Namkhana has decent shops and eateries for a quick meal before heading for Bok Khali which is almost a two hour drive from here. There is a small creek called Hatania Doania to be crossed in a Ferry boat. These Ferry boats are also the only option to carry cars and motor bikes to the other side of the creek. The road from Namkhana to Bok Khali is good. Regular bus service is available from Namkhana to Bok Khali, though one can also hire a private vehicle for a comfortable journey. The road winds through several small villages to reach Bok Khali. Loads of staying options are available among which the West Bengal State Tourist Lodge will easily be the most decent place to stay in. This Lodge, though, needs to be booked before hand from their office in Dharmatala.

The beach is very long and beautiful and away from the maddening crowd of cities. It is a mixture of soothing calm and peace for those who dwell in busy streets of the cities. The beach looks gorgeous on a full moon night, the sea glistening in the silver moon light. The waves are very gentle accept for the high tides when there are relatively bigger waves. The market place in Bok Khali provides almost all the things required by tourists, but the most interesting thing is the various kinds of sea fishes available in the market. The hotels, too, serve a variety of these fishes; an absolute must try as it is pretty much the delicacy of the place.

Several places can be visited for sightseeing. The Henry Island is an isolated island at close proximity. Hired motor vans are available which takes around 30 mins to reach Henry Island. The beach is covered with red crabs, a delight for photographers and tourists alike. The WBS

TDC guest house is the only option if one wishes to stay at Henry Island. The Jambu Dwip is another uninhabited island only accessible through motor boats from Bok Khali. The one hour boat ride with forest on one side is a pleasure, though it is disappointing that stepping on the island is not allowed. Many kinds of birds among the mangrove trees keep drawing attention during this boat ride. The animal park in Bok Khali has some deer and crocodiles and is also a place worth visiting.

BokKhali is great for a quick, short, unplanned getaway. It will prove to be a refreshing and pleasing trip for sure.